Our services cover graphic design, web development, music, video game, fashion, advertising, media, and entertainment industries. We help our clients find the right team to achieve a successful project.

Graphic Design

Over 25 years, we have worked on a wide range of design projects and many awards later, we have developed creative ideas and concepts according to the brief and budget.

Brand Development

Help to obtain the right impression with your target audience. Making the difference in your business’ ability to captivate. Communicate your brand message clearly so that you stand out from the crowd.


Promote your business or concept through banner adverts, digital advertising, through to email marketing campaigns and Google Adwords.

Case Study – Website Design | March 2019


When CryptoBanditz stubbled onto the blockchain technology, they just had to share their passion for change and adoption to a new way of financial control. Digital Real Media (DRM) sparked up a great partnership to deliver a brand awareness project.

DRM sort to promote this new venture with a wild west theme. Incorporating awareness through merchandising, illustrated token characters and a jargon buster that will leave you wanting to learn more. Click here to catch-up on your crypto, noobs.


Website Design

There are about 2 billion websites, less than 400 million are active, and thousands of new sites will spawn by today. Let us help you build a website that will push you up into the top 100 search rankings.

Join over 2 billion people online

Purchase your reliable website hosting, email and domain. Then sit back and watch magic happen as we work together to bring your website to life.


Pictures capture a thousand words, and it can deliver the message in an impressive and informative manner. We will help you understand your vision and together we can produce eye-catching imagery.

Brand Workshops

Engaging brand workshops can help you realise your potential brand. We want to get to the heart of what your business is and its position in your area. Joining brand values and guiding principles that help to ring out the best in your brand.


Award 2nd - 2012

2012 Marketing – BD Microsite | 2nd Place

Award 2nd - 2011

2011 Advertising – Single Ad | 2nd Place