Digital Real Media is big on creating great UI and sleek UX that will work across all types of media. We are delivering digital awareness for small to medium size businesses.

Digital Real Media (DREAlM) is leading the way to rebrand and re-launch many small to medium sized B2C start-up companies, ensuring the brand strategy are consistently applied throughout. We, also help project manage design layouts on constructional builds, which in turn help clients visualise how their future space would be.​


Our concept of digital design is working on a blank canvas with moving components. Creating UI design visuals that clients can relate additionally. We work out how text and graphics espouse impeccably within your digital realm, utilising up to date computer software to achieve our goals.


We have commenced creating concept designs in the real world. When you are hard-wired to perceive design concepts in everyday living space visually, you realise the potential to develop designs into an authentic lifestyle environment. Before long, we are creating design concepts within your living space.


Helping clients understand how to engage with various digital media to showcase their company using motion graphics, screenwriting, video production/editing, digital audio production, animation and social media. We are inclined to co-work and create a storyboard to final output.